women's health

women's health

Decreased sexual pleasure for women is fairly common. Poor lubrication, painful intercourse, decreased sensation, or difficulty achieving orgasm can dishearten women, who become resigned to lackluster intimacy with their partners. There are plenty of treatments for men’s sexual health, but now, there’s hope for women, too.

PRP is rich in bioactive proteins that stimulate cellular regeneration and repair tissues through growth factors. It’s a regenerative autologous treatment, derived from the patient’s own blood supply. The plasma containing a high concentration of healthy platelets is extracted and injected to activate stem cells and stimulate stimulating collagen and new blood vessel formation.

the pleasure shot

45 minutes


The pleasure Shot is an injection of PRP into the vaginal walls, clitoris, or clitoral hood. The PRP injection encourages blood flow and cell growth to the area and can increase sensitivity during sex



Resolution of pain during intercourse

Increased ability for vaginal orgasms

Increased frequency and strength of orgasms

Increased arousal

Improved lubrication

Tightens laxity of the vaginal canal, or improves elasticity for a too-tight vaginal canal

Smoother skin externally

Reduction of overactive bladder or urinary incontinence

pleasure shot q&a

What can I expect immediately after getting The Pleasure Shot?

You may experience swelling of the area that has been injected that may cause extra sensitivity. The swelling will go down within a few days after the treatment.

How long does it take to work?

Results from The Pleasure Shot vary with each woman, as some see a difference in a few days and others don’t see a difference for a few weeks.

How long does The Pleasure Shot last?

The Pleasure Shot can last for one to two years.